Love Thee Notre Dame.

Happy Tuesday.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday. It is finally starting to feel like fall and I do not think that these cooler temps are going anywhere. Living in the North East you would think that I would be used to this weather but I never am. Also given the fact that I am from the East Coast, Delaware, and now living in Manhattan, I should certainly be used to this weather. Plus, my father and his entire family went to either Notre Dame or Saint Mary’s. To top it off, my twin sister and I even went to Saint Mary’s for college! Needless to say, I have been to plenty of Notre Dame football games! While at Saint Mary’s, we were able to witness Notre Dame become the  #1 ranked team in the nation, and have a 12-0 season  in 2012. While we loved  South Bend and the meaning both schools held in our lives, it was far to cold! My sister and I were not meant for that weather so we transferred universities.  Although we transferred, we were still subjected to cold winters at DeSales, though not quite as harsh. This being said, I still watch my Fighting Irish every Saturday. Win or lose, they are still a wonderful team. Hopefully we will have a win against Miami this coming weekend. Fingers crossed!

Today,  I am excited to share  our Notre Dame cardigan that can be found in our catalogue, boutiques, and if you are in South Bend at the Notre Dame bookstore. If you follow Notre Dame on social media you will have seen our cardigan featured this past Friday as a part of Free Swag Friday for Notre Dame Licensing. Free Swag occurs every Friday and the best part is that you can enter a chance to win some ND gear! So, today I will be sharing our super soft and comfy cardigan with all of you. Also featured, how to take your team gear from the game to a night out.

Again, start out by wearing structured bottoms. This way, you can remain slim on the bottom, as the  sweater has a loose fit and is not as structured.  For example, I paired this cardigan with a light-wash skinny jean.  This cardigan can also be worn with a skirt, fitted dress, or any type of structured jeans. Along with a structured bottom, I paired my cardigan with a white basic tank that I tucked into the front of my jeans. This way, you have a perfect silhouette from top to bottom. I finished off the look with a pair of cute flats, to ensure I stay comfy.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday evening.






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