Sneak Peek!

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone had a wonderful and fun-filled weekend. We had such beautiful weather in most of the country, so I hope everyone was able to go out and enjoy it. I hope people enjoyed the weekend either by walking in the park, going to an apple orchard, spending time with friends and family, or taking in a game. I think we all want to hold onto this weather for as long as possible!

I have some exciting things to share with all of you on the blog today! This past week, I went up to our headquarters, which is located in Rochester, NY . We had a photoshoot on both Thursday and Friday, as we are getting ready to launch all of our new collections. These exciting collections will be featured in our catalogue, website, boutiques, and College/University bookstores as of 2017. Our new collection is just incredible, and I know that you are just going to love it! Our team is amazing, and we are all excited for you to see our new looks.

We have so many new additions to our line. We have a top with bell sleeves that has been paired with a long knit vest to give you areal 70’s vibe. The material is so soft,comes in so many school colors, and it fits perfectly into the coming months as we transition from fall into winter. We had our model pair our 70’s inspired top with skinny jeans and ankle booties, to complete the look. Our model  is representing the University of Michigan for the shot.


Another look that we created for our new collection is our short sleeve knit top that is layered under our long sleeve knit sweater. This long-sleeved knit sweater has a button at the nape of the neck,where you can cinch the sweater closed or leave it open. In our photo below, we have paired our top and sweater with skinny jeans, ankle booties, and our new earrings. We have also paired the long sleeve sweater with a matching dress, which is perfect as we transition from winter into the spring. This way you can wear the sweater, or take it off, and leave the dress, or short sleeve sweater on. Our model is representing Oklahoma State for this shot.



Another look from our photoshoot was a short sleeved, knit, striped top. This top is perfect for both the winter and spring seasons. We have paired this top with black pants, riding boots, and one of our new rope chain necklaces and a bracelet. Our model is representing Oklahoma.


Our new jewelry line consists of chain-like necklaces and chokers, chain bracelets, cut out cuffs, engraved, leather, and magnetic bracelets. Our earrings are drop earrings with either colored stone representing a school, or silver or gold cut out circles. All of our jewelry is either gold or silver plated.



Have a wonderful Monday evening! I cannot wait to share with you what will be coming in the months ahead, as we head into the new year.





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