Cozy Sweater Weather.

Happy Hump Day.

The weather has been terrible today in the city, very rainy and windy! The sun tried to come out for about 10 minutes but it went behind the clouds again. I cannot believe how mild of a fall it has been. I hope these mild temperatures continue for as long as possible. The great aspect of mild weather means sweater weather, and no bulky coats, which is always an added bonus.

Our comfy and soft sweaters are perfect for this type of weather that our entire country is experiencing right now. As our magazine states, “our V-Neck Logo Sweater is our next generation to our logo sweater collection,” which we are currently selling. Our Logo Sweaters represent 36 different schools and come in sizes S -XL. The great thing about our sweaters is that they are made to fit all women and all body types. Plus, they keep us all feeling confident and comfortable. The quality of our clothing, how they are made to fit everyone, and how they can allow people to represent their favorite College or University, is something we are so proud of.

The great thing about this Logo Sweater is that you can wear it with jeans, or shorts for the spring months, or you can dress the top up and pair it with a jean or straight skirt. Pair your look with cute sneakers or flats, and you are all set for the day! I hope everyone had a chance to check out our post from yesterday where I shared  a sneak peek on all the fun merchandise that will be heading your way as of 2017. The best part is that 2017 is only a few short months away.

Have a wonderful evening everyone!


Our photo below is representing Florida State.


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