The Jewelry of 2017.

Happy Monday of Thanksgiving week.

I cannot believe that we are at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, it seems like only yesterday we were celebrating Halloween! With Thanksgiving right around the corner, this means that Christmas is not far behind, and neither is the New Year. With the coming of the new year, we are launching a new collection of apparel and accessories, that we know everyone will love. From new sweaters and vests, to new bangles, earrings, and necklaces, we are sure to please everyone!

Our post today is geared towards the jewelry that will be coming your way in a few short months. All of our jewelry is either silver or gold-plated, while details vary depending on the style. Some items include cubic zirconia detailing, leather accents, or stamped emblems of the university. Besides individual pieces, unique sets are available as well. For example one of our sets includes, the Oklahoma University gold-plated chain necklace and the matching Oklahoma University gold-plated bracelet. Another set includes bangles with the state carved out on one side and its name written in script on the other. This set of bangles are all silver-plated. Our new arrivals also include drop necklaces and earrings, that come in either silver-plated sets, gold-plated sets, or a combination of silver and gold-plated sets. School emblems are pounded into each piece of jewelry.


You’ll be able to shop for all of these looks coming January 2017. Our jewelry is available in our catalogue, on our website, in boutiques, and college/university bookstores.


Have a wonderful Monday evening!




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