Perfect Cozy Accessories for the Holidays.

I cannot believe that Christmas is only 6 days away…..I feel like it was just Thanksgiving! This time of year always seems to go by so fast. However, there is always something magical in the air during this time of year that brings everyone together. The Holidays are filled with love, laughter, and joy. Along with the Holidays, comes Holiday travel. I know that most of the country is under a deep freeze. While it will become warmer in some areas, it will become colder in others, so we hope that everyone continues to stay safe and warm when traveling to see loved ones.

I know this week can feel hectic and crazy for everyone, and we may feel even more stressed out than usual. This being said, I am here to help. I still have some last minute gifts to buy  for a few of special women that are in my life. I have the perfect gifts to bring to the Holiday and New Years Eve parties, as well as family parties. You can never go wrong with the perfect accessories, and I am here to share them with you.

Holiday Accessories

Two Tone Knit Accessories – Our collection of winter accessories are chic and stylish,  as well as keep you warm and protected. Our gloves, scarves, and ear warmers, come in most College/University colors. We have three different styles: the Infinity Scarf, the Long Infinity Scarf, and the 2-Toned Knit Scarf. All accessories, including our gloves and headbands, are knit. Our winter accessories can be found on our website, in our catalogue, boutiques, and College/University bookstores across the country.


LSU Scarf and Cuff – Our fun lightweight “Watercolor Scarves” go with everything, especially as we move into the winter months. Along with our beautiful scarves, we have custom made jewelry as well. One of our most popular custom-made pieces are the “Hammered Cut Out Cuffs”. These cuffs go with everything. I love that I can wear the cuff when I’m dressed up, as well as casual. PLUS, as the months get colder you can wear your favorite College/University scarf to keep you warm, toasty, and stylish.

Our Scarves and Cuffs come in many different school colors as we are sure that we can find you the perfect one.


Nightshirts and PJ’S – Another perfect gift is our Peruvian Cotton Nightshirt, available in sizes S-XL. This Peruvian Nightshirt is made of 100% cotton. Plus, it has the logo of your College/University printed on the front, as well as accent stripes found on the contrasting colored sleeves. Our nightshirts come in six different styles as well. Every style is made from Peruvian Cotton, so you will always be comfortable and relaxed while you dream. These nightshirts are the perfect Christmas gifts for every woman’s style and tastes. 


Have a wonderful Monday everyone.


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