Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show.

Hi everyone, and happy Thursday!

Only one more day until the weekend. I hope everyone has some fun things planned for the weekend. After a long and hard week, it is nice to come home and unwind.

This week Emerson Street was part of another show, a Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show, where we featured more new pieces from our 2017 Collection.  I know that you will love these items just as much as we do here at Emerson. Our collections are all geared towards fashionable females who love, not only representing their favorite teams and university, but love being on trend.

Emerson Street 2017 Collection

1.) CoCo Coat – Our CoCo Coat is perfect for the cool temps in the fall up north, as well as southern winters. Our coat has a logo collar snap and diagonal zipper pockets. This fun coat is 100% Acrylic and made in Peru. It comes in sizes S-XL, 1x, 2x, and 3x.

(As seen on our Mannequin on the bottom left)

2.) 1/2 Zip Sweater – Our sweater is perfect for the transitional period between seasons. You can also wear them on cold winter days, as they are cozy and provide warmth and comfort. In addition our sweater has slits on each side to prevent cupping leaving a smooth finish to our sweater when wearing. Made in Ecuador and 100% cotton, this 1/2 Zip sweater comes in sizes S-XL, 1x, 2x, and 3x.

(As seen on our Mannequin on the bottom middle)


* A big reminder: our Annie Tee, Erin Top, and Lily Scarf Poncho, are our top sellers among retailers.



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