Our 2017 Collection.

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderful and relaxing weekend. Can you believe that it is almost February? The new year is flying by. We have been very busy this weekend at Emerson Street with the launch of our 2017 Collection. This weekend we were in Dallas, Texas at the Dallas Gift Market, where we sold both accessories and apparel. We will be a part of the Dallas Gift Market until Tuesday. Wednesday, we move directly to the Dallas Apparel Market, where we will be selling accessories and apparel as well! We truly have some fantastic jewelry in this new collection, along with fantastic outerwear. One of our popular items are scarves; they are not your typical scarves for the cold weather, but these can complete any look.

For today’s blog, I will be sharing some of our great accessory items that will add a pop of flare, and school spirit, to any outfit!

Rena Geometric Scarf – As seen on the bottom left mannequin, our Rena Scarf is the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit, or pair with any coat. We know that you will get plenty of compliments. I cannot wait to share why the name Rena was chosen, but that will be in a later post.  Our scarves are offered in multiple schools – ranging from Alabama, to Clemson, to Michigan.

Isabella Necklace and Earrings – This funky necklace comes on a 32″ steel long chain, complete with a steal clasp and zinc casting. This necklace is perfect for layering, which is currently on trend. The earrings are made of steel as well.

Below we are featuring the University of Nebraska. 


Multi Logo Necklace – This necklace comes on a 32″ steel long chain, complete with the logo of the school, as well as the state in which the school is located.

Stadium Necklace – Complete with a stainless steel clasp and wiring. Plus, this necklace features multi colored stones with the school colors and logo on the chain.

Tear Drop Earrings – These earrings are made with stainless steel backs, as well as multi – colored stones that match each school color. The logo of the school is carved into the front, which adds to these fabulous earrings.

Hammered Cut Out Cuffs – The metal is hammered and shaped into a cuff and the logo of the school is cut out in the middle. These cuffs come in both gold and silver. 

Enameled Cuff – Very similar to the Hammered Cut Out Cuff, except this cuff is made out of enamel. 

College Bangles – Bangles never go out of style and who could go wrong with this fun stainless steel bangle? These fun bangles are made in school colors and completed with the logo of each school.

Handbag Charm – These handbag charms are the perfect accessory that can make any purse or backpack look sporty and fashionable. Complete with a stainless steel charm, and the choice of a stainless steel chain or a cloth chain.

Reversible Snap Scarf – Who doesn’t love reversible clothing? Your choices are increased by this reversible scarf, and an added bonus, you can mix up your look each time.



Rena Slim Striped Scarf – As seen on the bottom right mannequin, this Slim Scarf is perfectly paired with shorts, for the warmer Spring months, and also looks great with jeans or a dress. Either way you pair it, we know you will want to wear it again and again. The Rena Slim scarves are our transition from the neck choker in scarves  – there continues to be the trend of neck jewelry, and now its scarves. We show all our scarves around the neck. Our Slim Scarf is offered in multiple schools – from Florida, to Michigan State, to Oklahoma University.

Hinged Cuff – These stainless steel cuffs are perfect to complete any look. They are complete with stainless steel hinges and feature your school name, surrounded by the main school color.

Leah Bracelets – Steel wire bangle, with glass stones, and the school logos stamped onto the front with zinc casting.

Jolie’ Bracelet – Complete with a steel chain, zinc casting, and magnetic closure. This bracelet is 7.5″ long.

Below we are representing The University of Oklahoma.


Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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